Use accrued interest for holiday purchases

With presents, parties and travel to visit with family and friends, Christmas can quickly become the most expensive time of year. Placing those costs on a credit card may not be the best option if your card has a high interest rate. Fortunately, Members Heritage has an easier way to build savings so you can avoid a budget-busting holiday.

Open with a low minimum balance

The Members Heritage Christmas Club Account* offers a higher dividend rate than our Regular Savings account.

  • Low $5.00 minimum opening balance.
  • Deposits can be made by payroll deduction. Dividends calculated on average daily balance, paid quarterly.
  • Dividend Rate (balances up to $2500) are 1.00% above Current Share Rate.
  • Dividend Rate (balances over $2500) are at our Current Share Rate.
  • No annual fee.
  • Early Withdrawal Fee – $10.00.
  • Early Withdrawal Penalty – account closed.

The entire account balance is deposited into your primary Regular Savings account (or other designated account) on October 1st.