Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule
Effective Date: Revised 2/23/2022
Account ServicesAccount Fees/Charges
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing) Local $15.00/Transfer
Check Copy $2.00 Paper Copy
$3.00/Copy; No Charge for current month $3.00/Copy; No Charge for current month
Stop Payment Fee $25.00/Request
Insufficient Funds Fee (NSF Fee)/Overdraft Privilege $29.00/Item
Account Reconciliation $15.00 per hour
Account Research $10.00 per hour
Inactive Account Fee $5.00/Month; Charged after 18 months and account balance is less than $250.00
Overdraft/Transfer Fee $4.00/Item; One free per month
Share Draft Printing Prices may vary depending upon style
Overnight Mail Contact Member Service Officer for fee
Counter Checks $1.00/sheet of four checks
Card Replacement Fee 1st Replacement Card – Free; 2nd Replacement Card – $5.00
Excess ATM Withdrawal Fee $1.00/Transaction; After five (5) transactions at ATMs not owned by the credit union
Undeliverable Mail $5.00/Item After four (4) consecutive periodic statements
Money Order Fee $1.00/Money Order
Withdrawal Check $3.00/Check One free per day if payable to member
Cashier’s Check $3.00/Check
Christmas Club (Early Account Withdrawal Fee) $10.00/Withdrawal
ACH/Debit Card Overdraft $29.00/Item
Returned Deposit Item $10.00
Lien Filing $23.00 In Kentucky
UCC Filing $20.00 In Kentucky
Mortgage Release Fee $46.00 In Kentucky $25.00 In Indiana
Money Market Excess Transaction Fee $10.00/Transaction Three (3) free per month
Garnishment Processing Fee $50.00
Levy Processing Fee $20.00
Cashing MHCU Check for Non-Member $2.00/Check


Safe Deposit Boxes
Rental SizeAccount Fees/Charges
2x5 $15.00/Year
3x5 $15.00/Year
5x5 $25.00/Year
2x10 $25.00/Year
3x10 $25.0Year
5x10 $40.00/Year
10x10 $75.00/Year
Drilling of Boxes/Key Replacement $90 per occurrence