Auto Calculators

Car Payments

Want to know if you can afford that new car you’ve been eyeing? This calculator will help you determine your monthly payments.

Should you refinance your auto loan at a lower rate?

Use this calculator to determine your monthly savings.

MHCU can help with all your vehicle purchasing and refinancing needs.

Members Heritage offers vehicle loans and refinancing for new and used vehicles. Members also can easily find and purchase a vehicle through our Car Buying Service.

Mortgage Calculators

How much home can you afford?

Accurately calculating your mortgage is a crucial first step to determining how much home you can afford.

Should you refinance your mortgage?

This calculator will help you analyze your situation to see if refinancing makes sense.

Does refinancing make sense with interest rates where they are currently?

Use this calculator to help you find out.

MHCU makes the home financing process smooth and easy.

Learn more about obtaining a First Mortgage Loan with Members Heritage.

Home Equity Calculators

Home Equity Loan

Use this calculator to see how much borrowing power you could have with a home equity loan.

Did you know your home is a great source for financing?

Members Heritage can help guide you through the process of getting a Home Equity Loan.

Savings Calculators

How Much Should I Save?

See how much money you need to set aside regularly in order to have funds available for an important purchase.

How much should you set aside monthly to create an Emergency Fund?

This calculator will help you figure that out by using your income and expenses.

MHCU members enjoy no-fee savings and earn higher rates.

See all the benefits that come with a MHCU Regular Savings Account.

Credit and Debt Calculators

Credit Card Repayments

This calculator can help you figure out how to accelerate your credit card payments so you can save on interest payments.

Personal Debt Consolidation

Should you consolidate your personal debt into a new loan? See how quickly you can get out of debt and how much interest you might save.

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