MobiMoney App

Consistent Control.  Constantly secure. The MobiMoney app manages your card anywhere, anytime!

Check out just a few of the features of MobiMoney:

  • Card On/Off – Turn your debit card on and off with a single touch. When the card is off, all transactions will be declined.
  • Transaction Types – Enable or disable specific purchases by merchant or transaction type
  • Location – Limit transactions to an area or region, including international transactions
  • Spend Limits – Set threshold for transaction amounts
  • Alerts – Location, spend limit, transaction type and merchant alerts available. Get an instant notification when a transaction is processed with your debit card.
  • Debit Users – Control who uses your card and how much they can spend

Help keep your debit card safe and download the MobiMoney App, Today! 

Found at the App Store & Google Play.