ATM/Visa Debit Cards

With your ATM/Visa Debit Card, you can easily access your funds 24 hours a day.  More benefits of using a Visa ATM/Debit card include:

  • Free and unlimited access at all Members Heritage ATM locations. (See our ATM locations below.)
  • Five (5) free transactions each month at non-Members Heritage ATMs (other surcharges may apply).
  • Pay no surcharges at Alliance One Network ATMs (other fees may apply).
  • Visa Debit Card purchases are deducted from your Share Draft Checking account.
  • ATM Card may withdraw from your Share Savings or Share Draft Checking account.
  • Daily ATM withdrawal limit: $406. Daily Visa Debit Card purchase limit: $1,500.
  • Our ATM Card system is part of the Cirrus, Accel/Exchange, and Star Networks.

When using your Debit Card Internationally, please remember to use your PIN.  All other Debit Card transactions will be blocked for your protection.  Due to a large volumes of fraud, Saudi Arabia is completely blocked for all transactions for your protection.

MobiMoney – The App that puts you in control of your Debit Card!  For information on how to protect your debit card, click here!

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