Apply For Membership

It’s easy to join Members Heritage and enjoy all the benefits of credit union membership. Simply complete a Membership Application and make an opening deposit of at least $5.00 into your Share Savings account.

You may apply for membership completely online by clicking the Membership Application link and providing the information requested.

You may also apply for membership in person at any of our convenient locations.  Just bring your unexpired government issued picture ID with current address.  If your ID has an incorrect address, you will need to provide a utility bill showing the correct address.  if you are opening an account for a minor you will need to bring their social security card.

  • An active Share Savings account with a minimum opening deposit of $5.00 is required to receive access to all other credit union services.
  • Please allow up to one business day to be contacted about your online application.  For immediate membership, please visit one of our convenient locations.

We offer lifetime membership and lifetime benefits when you join Members Heritage.  We believe “once a member, always a member.” This means you can still be a member whether you change jobs, move across the country or retire. Click here for more membership information on who can join Members Heritage.