Round Up Savings

Save money without even having to think about it with MH’s Round Up Savings!

$  Debit card transactions are “Rounded Up” to the next whole dollar amount.

$  The “Rounded Up” funds are deposited daily to your share savings account.

Start Saving Today!

To Set Up Your Round-Up Savings Account, please use one of the following options:

1. Ways to Enroll:

a. Click here to enroll online.

b. Download and print the Round-Up Savings Enrollment Form. Fill out the form and return it to Members Heritage in person, by mail, or by fax. You can also call the credit union directly 859.259.3466 and we will help get you set up.

2. Don’t have a Members Heritage Checking Account, click here to learn more about opening a Members Heritage checking account.

Once enrolled, we will add up all the “rounded-up” amounts of your debit card purchases and, within one business day, transfer the lump sum from your checking into your savings account. You will be able to track all your round-ups inside of your Online Banking on a daily basis and on your monthly statement.

*ACH transactions do not round up.  For terms and conditions click here.